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A Stone of Strengths
If you have ever engaged in the sport of curling, you will know exactly what any Barrie granite fabricator knows. Granite is one tough rock.  The canny Scots discovered early on that they could throw granite stones across ice, bash them around – and they would not be destroyed. The Scots also learned how to grind the stone to a shiny level of smoothness, so that they could sail over the icy surface. Durability and versatility are the two hallmarks of granite!
Granite Indoors – From Slab to Tile
And of course it's not just curlers wearing funny sweaters who have discovered the value of granite. Home renovators are now embracing granite, and the stone has gone indoors. In fact, it is now the upscale material of choice of kitchen countertops and flooring. Its toughness and resistance to heat makes it ideal for counters – but its positive attributes are not limited to that.
Granite is a beautiful stone that comes in a wide range of colours. This dramatically increases its value for home decorating. Traditionalists might choose blacks but a warmer shade is perfect for enhancing a room with a lot of wood. An ultra-modern kitchen can be the perfect stage for highly polished countertops in black or white. And there are unique speckles and striations of colour in granite that makes it an ongoing joy to behold.
Granite is available in slab or tile form. The latter is more flexible for many home uses than the slabs. Granite tiles are a blend of materials and virtually indistinguishable for the traditional slabs. Their cost point is less than slabs, but they are much easier to install and can be fitted to unusual spaces or counter shapes. Tiles share the same stain, scratch and burn resistance of the slabs – and the relatively low maintenance. They are also easy to replace – though it's hard to imagine changing a kitchen décor that has been blessed with granite.
Where to Buy the Best Granite
Perhaps the best advice with regard to buying granite is to settle back and enjoy the process. The first thing you will discover upon visiting a reputable granite fabricator in Barrie is the exciting array of colour on offer. What is going to work in your kitchen? Ask to take home a chunk or two as samples – you need more than the chips you use in painting to get an idea of the effect of granite on your room.
Make sure the dealer has a good variety of stone on hand. There is going to be one shade – and one piece – that will work perfectly in your kitchen and the joy of the process is finding it. Some dealers will also have "exotic” forms of granite on sale – more expensive but coming in jaw-dropping colours.
Finally, look for a well-established dealer. Granite is the kind of value-added purchase that requires a long term commitment. You won't be changing your granite counters next year. They'll be there when you sell your home, enhancing its value. You need a Barrie granite fabricator who will stick with you for the long run, and take care of the periodic resealing requirements, as well as taking the time to advise you on this most wonderful of stones.
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